The brand Cellar Door was founded in 2015 by Filippo Bettanin. 

Filippo’s family-run business, Vetta Srl, was founded by his Grandfather in the early 1970`s, and together with his brother Michele and their parents Edoardo and Deborah, has become established as a leading specialist in the design, development and production of trousers.

Vetta`s eponymous archive, constant research, innovation and expertise, have become essential resources for many of the world`s leading fashion houses. Cellar Door embodies the tradition, passion and creative energy of third generation Made in Italy artisanal excellence.


    The focus of this project is to rethink the entire production chain by combining the ethical issue with the ecological one. 

    The commitment is to create an environmentally friendly industry that embraces society, craftsmanship, people, and local territories, thus making consumers more aware.

    We do it not because we are asked, but because this is the right thing to do.

    The entire production takes place within our subsidiaries in Italy, starting from the creation of the pattern up to the final control step to ensure maximum quality.

    Our commitment is to use fabrics from responsible sources and engage actively in sharing our work ethic with customers, suppliers, and retailers. 

    Thanks to its responsible elegance, Cellar Door goes from a linear process to a circular one, where not only the moment in which a garment is sold, but also the entire life cycle, including disposal.


    Simple, comfortable, beautiful.

    For years I looked for the most beautiful vintage in the world and carefully studied the richest clothing archives in Italy, I confronted the big international fashion houses and I still wonder every day: what can I do to improve what I do?

    As a child of the trade in my mind I have always tried to improve, evolve or create garments that could be unique, unmistakable and above all comfortable.

    There are no limits in my head, every experience I live is an added value to share with people through the forms, materials, details and history that give life to what is now Cellar Door.