Getting away from the city to rediscover the beauty of nature
In the middle of the city there is a secret garden, where peace and silence reign
Express yourself with freshness and authenticity, away from the chaos and conformism of the city 
Clinging to every second, every sensation;
the linen that caresses the body,
the sun that warms the skin, 
the grass that touches my feed
Walking quietly, the breeze touches my ankles and my steps become lighter
Sweet chatters in the air,
after a sunny day,
only the grass will remember our passage
The practicality of slacks for a day in the garden, 
a comfortable salopette to relax under the orchard, 
an elegant dress for a romantic evening
Sunshine filtering through the trees' foliage. 
We cross the stone path,
dressed for a new adventure.
Soft wool, games with friends and scraped knees.
I still tell stories from that summer afternoon.
Day after day,
in the unpredictability of time,
I remain in the comfort of my jeans
Lying down, we read the twinkling of the stars.
The city, outside these gates, listens to us in silence. 
Comfort, freshness and elegance, a picnic with friends and the sweetness of being with good people
Retreating to your own green corner, simple beauty and refined comfort
Blue sky and soft denim clouds
Seeing a ray of sunshine after a week of rain